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  1. Andrew Greenall says:

    Looks great! I’ll have to get myself down and have a look…. (and play??)

    But, I am also interested whether you would be interested in putting on a bit of a display at Solihull’s Fun in the Park? I work for Solihull Council and am supporting Rotary/Soroptomists in putting on events with an environmental/sustainable transport theme, and as a keen cyclist (road, mtb, recumbent, single, folder …) I can see potential in having bike polo as an interesting display at the event – there is room for it. It is in Tudor Grange park on the 26th September.. Any thoughts? Cheers, Andrew

    • danwentskiing says:

      By all means come down and give it a go!

      Playing in Solihull would be great. Is there a court we could use? Without a defined barrier (like 5-a-side football/icehockey) the game doesn’t really work.

  2. marie says:


    We are a group of swiss (Geneva) students and are making a study about bike polo.
    As we can only interview swiss people and consider really intresting the fact that bikepolo is such a recent sport but already has an international network, we wondered if you’d agree to answer a few questions below, if possible in quite a developed and precise way (if you have enough time, otherwise we’d be grateful even with short answers). Moreover, I wondered if you could transfer them to other payers…
    I hope it won’t sound boring because we’d really be intrest by your answers, and it would really help us. Of course as normal students we are super late so if you’d be motivated to answer please please don’t take too long ;). You can answer on that e-mail and transfer it:

    I already thank you a lot and am sorry for my english (but as a french speaking person I’m naturally bad hehe).
    And if you want more informations about our study, don’t hesitate to ask!!


    how long have you played bikepolo:

    – How did you hear about bike polo?
    – What motivated you to start?
    – What do you like/dislike in this sport?
    – Where do you train and how many times a week? How many players are at the training sessions?
    – Who organize the games? Do you often travel for tournaments?

    – If you had to summarize bike polo in 3-5 words which ones would it be?
    – If there was a kind of “philosophy” of bike polo, what should it be?
    – What effect has bike polo on your everyday life?
    – Have you the feeling that there has been an evolution/developpement in the short history of this sport ?
    – What change in bike polo could make you stop?

    – What types of relationship do you have with other players, other teams (even from other cities)?
    – Do you find important always to play with the same team?

    – Do you use your bike in others occasions? How often? Why?
    – Do you practice another sport? In what point this sport is different from bike polo?

    – Are there people or ways of playing that you admire in the sport? Why?
    – Are there people or ways of playing you don’t like at all? Why?

    – What do you think of the competition in Bike polo?
    – What do you think about thinkerin with your bike? What kind of bike do you prefer playing with?

    – Do you think the playing style of girls is different than men? Why?
    – What do you think of the fact that there’s no separation of sexes?

    • danwentskiing says:

      Hi Marie – I used to teach English as a foreign language. Believe me, your written English is almost perfect.

      There are so many questions there that I could waffle on about for hours, but I’ll post it on our polo forum, and a few more Birmingham people may write back. I’ll try to respond to your questions when I have enough time. I think the main thing about polo’s growth is the fact that it started after the internet became ubiquitous. It makes a small sport seem bigger, and allows everyone around the world to be connected.

  3. danwentskiing says:

    I think it’s Matt you’re talking about. His username on is EMM, but I’ll pass on your message.

  4. Do you guys still meet up and play? I am a photographer and would love to get some portraits.


    • danwentskiing says:

      Yes we play year round. At the moment it’s Wednesday nights, 6.30pm ish to 9.30pm ish at Calthorpe Park, Balsall Heath. And Sunday mornings 10am ish to 1pm is, Highgate Park, Highgate. If it isn’t raining, we should be there, but maybe check the forum:, ‘bike polo events’ thread, if you’re coming far.

  5. Daniel Oaks says:

    Hey, I grabbed one of your flyers at the Critical Mass – I don’t have a single-speed, for the first couple of times is it possible to borrow one. Says it is on the leaflet but not on the wordpress so just wanted to check in.

    Ta very much

    • danwentskiing says:

      Hi Daniel, yeah of course! You don’t necessarily need a singlespeed (although probably 99% of people play on one) but it’s best to try out on one of our bikes or a beater bike. You can get a better feel for the game that way. We’ll lend you a mallet too.

  6. Hi – over in Hi-ghgate and Calthorpe –

    As Cycle Polo was introduced as a demonstration sport in the London Fourth Olympiad Games 1908, we’d like to invite you to put on a demonstration match on the Red Gra at this year’s Birmingham Community Games in Cannon Hill Park.
    We’d also like to record the history of Cycle Polo in the 3month Exhibition programme ‘Played in Birmingham Parks’ which we’re presenting with Steve Beauchampe and local sports groups – from June to Sept 2012 in Cannon Hill Park Sons of Rest Pavilion.

    The Cannon Hill Community Games also feature demonstration matches of Kabaddi and Capoeira – we look forward to some cycle polo chukkas at the 2012 Games, part of WM for 2012.

    • danwentskiing says:

      Hi Tony,

      Thanks for getting in touch.

      We would be really interested in doing something in Cannon Hill Park. Where do you suggest? We have looked at the tennis courts in the past, but the barriers are not ideal.

      Also, do you have any dates?



  7. Tony Fox says:

    Great news Dan –

    I know this needs looking at for a demonstration – perhaps not as good as Highgate, but I’m thinking of the Red Gra – at the bottom of the Park, but getting much more used since the Adventure Play area was built right by it. In fact it has been used by Cycle Relief and kids learning to ride their first/new cycles!

    How about the history of the sport -could you also contribute to the ‘Played in Birmingham’ exhibition?

    cheers –


    • danwentskiing says:

      Hi Tony

      The open area opposite the play area wouldn’t be suitable. We need a smooth surface and some kind of barriers to represent the game properly.

      What would you need for the exhibition?

      I emailed, by the way. Maybe it’s better to chat on email than here?


  8. Bicycle Polo Ireland says:

    Hi Bicycle polo Ireland Hear just seeing if any one would like to play a grass polo tournament in kent,
    At the moment its just a tournament tring to see how many polo teams would like to play. there is teams from scotland ireland france and england so are you up for giving it a try. it the 26th and 27 june in sevenoaks area. Oakendale paddlers are holding the tournament.

  9. Nic aldridge says:

    Hi I am a complete novice and have never played before. Do you accept this amount of 0 Experiance to come along and try what looks like great fun . Ps I am very willing.
    Thanks. Nic

  10. Tony Fox says:

    Hi there Polo Bikers –

    We look forward to seeing you ‘playing away’ at the Walkers Heath Community Games on 19 May. But see that your Birmingham Championships are on 30 June – 1 July in Highgate Park. On Sat 30th we are putting an Olympic Torch Event in neighbouring Calthorpe Park – ‘Birmingham to Brazil’ with our cultural Community Games supporting London 2012. Two ideas:One – why not join us with the London Torch at the Calthorpe Games Circus, and Two – show us why Bicycle Polo was a demonstration sport at the first London Olympic Games in 1908?
    Contact us on twitter #cannonhillpark – Cannon Hill and Calthorpe Park Friends or

    • Ride the Horizon says:

      Hi there,

      The UK Champs is on the 30th and 1st. It’s one of the biggest events in the bike polo calendar, one which we are working hard to ensure will be remembered. We cannot change the location at this stage as we will be hosting 30-40 uk teams over courts with and require best surface possible.

      We’d love to do an event at cannon hill in the future. Many of us live in south birmingham and ride to and from training through the cannon hill park.

      If you have any other queries please get in touch,

  11. Tony Fox says:

    Fin –
    We are proud to have the UK Champs in Hghgate – you have mistaken our Invitation to recognise your Birmingham spark from the OLYMPIC TORCH ROUTE which passes the BIG COMMUNITY WELCOME at Calthorpe Park for the Torch on 30 June.
    Because many of you live and cycle through our local Parks we thought one or two of you might be among the Representatives of Local Sports who are gathering with us to celebrate Birmingham participation with LONDON 2012. This would also promote UK Champs among the local community.
    If you have information with regards to the early days of Bicycle Polo in Britain and Birmingham then we would be pleased to share is on our website

  12. Aidan says:

    Hi folks,
    I’ve never played before. Is it ok to come down tomorrow and have a crack? Looks like fun!

    • Hi Aidan,

      Please do, we’ve got spare mallets for you to use. We’ve had a few new people start recently, so this would be an ideal time to begin.
      We’ll be playing at Calthorpe park (B12 9LF) on wednesday evening from 7ish. Sundays we play at highgate park from 10ish (B12 0PJ).

      See you soon,

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