Halloween Bench Minor

Bench Minor is a variation of the hardcourt bike polo with teams consisting of 5+ players and over a much longer period of time. Much like ice hockey, players are rotated continuously throughout the game.

Fancy dress was required though some were more enthusiastic than others. The teams were: Vampires, Gore-nacologists, Baseball Furies, Nazgul Surprise, Superheroes, Brides of Chukker, Circus Clowns, Goblins.

It seemed like almost everyone had been out the previous night so there were many bleary eyed halloweeners, but things soon got underway. Teams consisted of between 6 and 7 players while games lasted 30 minutes with no stoppages. A great thing about this event was the fact that it was a draft and there was good cross section of ability in each team.

I was playing for Brides of Chukker and sporting a tres chic little white dress with accompanying wig, although, said wig was discarded during the first game as it kept clogging up my eyes and mouth. Our captain Julia did a great job of rotating players enabling everyone to get a decent amount of court time. The Brides had players from several different cities who had not played with each other before which was evident in our play. It took a little while for us to gel, but we got into our stride for the last game against Baseball Furies. They were a strong team with the likes of Todd (Cosmic) Adam (Spring Break) Tom Bogey (Cream/Tornadoes). It was a goal for goal affair with everyone linking up well and Edd putting in some decent saves too, however the Furies took it in the end.

The final, Nazguls vs Superheroes, was great to watch with great effort from all. Nazguls seemed to gel the best as a team and were reading each others plays, eventually taking it 5-7, well done guys.

[Photos no longer available]

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