Bike Check – Matt


I started playing polo back in November 2010. I was riding a cheap fixed gear at the time, so started playing on this. I eventually converted into a polo bike with correct gearing, wheel cover and a front brake, and played AWESOME fixed polo until the bike (and fixed polo) died around the time of the 2011 London Open last July. I then played on a rusty frame for a while (still fixed) as I waited to put together my first freewheel polo bike. I borrowed Asim’s Birmingham Bike Foundry-built bike over the winter as he was out of action due to a bus collision and this helped me to make the transition from fixed to free. I don’t have the money to pay a Peruvian to build me a custom frame, so it was a case of getting hold of a cheap mtb frame and finding/borrowing the rest. This bike was created as an introduction to free-wheel polo, a stop-gap before I buy myself some super custom frame and in fact I don’t even like it very much. It does however handle well, weigh less than any other polo bike I’ve had and only cost about £80.




  • Frame – Carerra Vulcan 15″
  • Forks – Carerra rigid forks
  • Bars – Stock 400mm flat bars
  • Headset – Stock
  • Stem – Kona 60mm with 5 degree rise (I’m using it upside down)
  • Grips – Stock
  • Lever – Promax Dual
  • Front Brake – Tektro V-Brake
  • Rear Brake – Reverse mounted long-drop bmx caliper, (this is front caliper, hence the long bolt)
  • Front Tire – X-rated (cheap)
  • Rear Tire – Bontrager
  • Front Wheel – Mavic 26″ EX721 / Shimano Disc hub (without disc)
  • Rear Wheel – Rigida
  • Free Wheel – Shimano 18t
  • Crank Set – Stock mtb / 32 Chain ring
  • Chain – Stock Half-link
  • Pedals/Toe Straps – Stock
  • Chain Tensioner – Surly
  • Saddle/Seat Post – Stock
  • Wheel Cover – Strawberries and Cream by Mya
  • Re-Spray – An EMM Special ‘Red Mist’ Fade


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