This is my second polo bike, after playing for a while on a 20inch mountain bike I decided to try something with a shorter top tube, hoping it would make me a bit faster. Although the mountain bike was pretty indestructible (the 26inch wheels had massive 2.5 inch tyres protecting them), I was keen to try 700c wheels to see if the larger size helped my goalkeeping skills. I bought the Carrera from ex-polo Durham jetsetter Speedy Pete, and in its first session a shot from Andy ripped a spoke from the front rim effectively ruining it! A temporary fix with a washer lasted long enough for me to acquire an NOS BMX hub and a tough 48h rim from Dan and a new wheel was born. Since the photo was taken I’ve changed the bars to some flat ones (which necessitated changing the stem) and swapped the saddle for a Selle Italia Turbo. This new bike seems faster than my last, and with the new beefy front wheel as tough as the old one too. I expect the cheap Halfords stuff to break slowly but surely (like the front wheel) and plans are afoot for a 48h rear wheel to match the front.

Spec (as photo)

FRAME: Carrera Subway Zero 18inch frame

FORK: Carrera Subway

BARS: Gusset Prison Bars



LEVER: Pro Max Dual Pull

BRAKES: Front stock Tektro V-brake, rear Avid V-Brake

GRIPS: Gusset Bastard

TYRES: Michelin City 700c 35mm

WHEELS: Front Suzue BMX hub laced to 48h Sputnik rim

Rear Stock 36h, 22 tooth Dicta freewheel.

CRANKS: Truvativ Singlespeed, 32 tooth


SEAT: Charge Spoon


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3 Responses to BIKE CHECK – NEIL

  1. danwentskiing says:

    Shorter top tubes make people go faster? Huh.

    Who knew?

  2. theneilnelson says:

    Me! Its all about 700c this year Dan…

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