AGM 2012 Minutes

Birmingham Bike Polo Annual General Meeting 2012

Present: Neil, Jess, Dan, Stu, Asim, Andy, Monty, Matt


1)   Dan voted in as UKHBPA regional representative. In Dan’s absence Jess will deputise.

2)   Lucas voted in as captain for the Cambridge Bench Minor Tourney, with Matt deputising.

3)   All players to seed all other players on strengths and weaknesses to assist formation/strategy planning for Cambridge – see for more details, practises next Sunday, try out various line ups of three for offensive/defensive/holding play etc.

4)   Dan to bring bases of goals to Highgate on Sundays to allow for practising not riding through goals/playing the ball back through. This should also aid discussion of better goals for future tournaments.

5)   Utilise Facebook/Forum 26 more effectively to predict and increase turnout, please can everyone try to be as prompt as possible with what days they are planning on playing as not playing (DAN), not putting your name down (CHRIS, RAZ) and putting your name down late (ASIM) can discourage good turnout.

6)   PROMOTION: Ideas for a Birmingham Polo Video needed. New ideas for flyers/stickers/T Shirts. Enquire with Tom and Barry about printing.

7)   More contribution to the blog from everyone – player profiles/bike checks/photos – anything really. Neil to start with bike check this weekend.

8)   Change throw-in format to first to ten games or 10 minute unlimited goals.

9)   Wait for spring before organising another league.

10)  Look into visiting other scenes/cities en masse to practise on Sundays, eg Manchester/Cambridge/Bristol – Asim to confirm price of minibus hire.

11)   Jess to press ahead with application to council for using Small Heath courts as a tournament venue. Date expected to be June/July – Jess/Dan to liaise with UKHBPA to confirm suitable dates.

12)  Asim needs help setting up Birmingham Bike Polo Shop – photos/videos/webstore/linking it to the blog.

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