Return to clipless polo

When I started playing (coming up for two years ago) I used clipless, because that’s what was on my dual-purpose commuter/polo bike. Due to being shit, I used to crash a lot, mainly because the bike kept ‘jacking’ on me round corners, and I couldn’t clip out in time, so fell over the bike and kept spraining my wrists (insert violin/tearful sobbing noise here).

No pictoral evidence of clipless crashes...

When I switched to freewheel, I took the opportunity to use flat pedals and mourned the loss of acceleration due to floppy-soled trainers and up/down pedal-mashing technique. I put up with this because all of a sudden, big-crashes stopped happening. With flats I could just dismount when shit got hectic.

Now though, my legendary tightfistedness (keep killing trainers on spiky pedals) has caused me to return to clipless, and what a joy! Everyone’s been getting faster in Birmingham, but now it seems I can get everywhere that little bit faster. I haven’t lost a joust since the switch, either (although this could be because we switched to ‘Ready? Ready?…..Polo!’, rather than ‘3,2,1,Polo!’ – perhaps Birmingham was rife with cheaters).

Ain't going out like that anymore...

It seems to me that many of the fastest players at tournaments are using clipless, and another benefit is reduced pedal-strike (my clipless pedals are a good few cm shorter than my flats).

But the slams are back! My right arm and love-handle in particular have taken a battering. I no-longer get my bike jacking on me, but in ‘comings together’ I can’t quite get my feet out fast enough to avoid a crash.

London’s famous Snoops recommended multi-release cleats on, and I’m keeping an eye out for some, but at the moment I’m fidddling with spring tension and cleat position.

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5 Responses to Return to clipless polo

    • danwentskiing says:

      I’ve seen some people use those – I tried them and hated them for normal riding, but maybe they’re good for polo. I think ‘bar’ designs are too floaty and vague. Don’t the cleats wear our ridiculously fast, or is that Look? (I should really know the answer to that…)

  1. Squeak says:

    Plan ahead…been clipless Polo for a while as you know..if it looks sketchy..drop a clip to dab!!

    Dual release is class though, use those on my mtb. perfect.

    • danwentskiing says:

      My last crash… I didn’t even suspect I might fall before I was on my face on the ground, with Chris saying: “That took some timber off”. Sometimes crashes happen like that. It’s all, ‘Yeah yeah, this is good, fast, wait a… Ow”. I’m worried that dual/multi-release will leave me involuntarily clipping out all the time, as I occasionally clip out when I’m really leaning into/out of corners now. Time will tell.

  2. Squeak says:

    Nah, dual release is the shiznit =)

    Get another Mountain Bike and attack a nasty rooty sucker..that will sort it.

    Dual release kicks ass.

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