2 v 2 Tournament review

A seriously lovely day was had by all on Sunday, at Birmingham’s first 2 v 2 tournament.  Most of the participants arrived in a timely manner and set about marking out goals and tap-out points, fabricating barriers and organising the nuts and bolts of a mini tournament. 

They say history is made by those who show up, and Birmingham polo is no exception.  Eight punctual poloists decided pretty much unanimously to go with random teams, and eleven names were put in Dan LJ’s sweaty hat.  Myself and Dan made up the SuperDans, the other teams were Fin/Pete, Andy/Jess, Lucas/Hash and Neil/Simon.  Matt was the odd one out so we rotated teammates for him.

We went with 90cm goals to prevent longshooters and perma-goalies.  It seemed like a nice balance and stopped 2 v 2 feeling like proper polo’s shitter relation.  We did a round-robin format, with 10-minute games, refs and recorded scorers:


1st – Dan + Dan (15pts)
2nd – Matt + Hat (10pts)
3rd – Andy + Jess/Pete + Fin (9pts)
5th – Neil + Si (4pts)
6th – Lucas + Hash (0pts)

Overall winners – Dan + Dan
DFL – Neil + Si (lost)

Dan W – 26
Fin – 21
Andy – 19
Dan lj – 14
Neil – 9
Lucas – 8
Matt – 7
Pete – 5
Si – 5
Hash – 4
Jess – 1

Matt even made a trophy, which now resides on my windowsill (I’ll have to agree to time-share terms with LJ…)! 

Photos here:  http://www.fullupandeating.com/2011/04/weekend-in-pictures.html

Next on the agenda is seeding (again…) which this time is being handled by Jess, and will decide who gets the last three Brooks saddles. 

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