Dick Move

Heckling has been an amusing part of polo for a while now, although I sometimes feel Birmingham lags behind in this area.  One of the most interesting heckles/shouts is ‘dick move’, which I’m fairly sure came out of forumland and the original rule-of-rules: Don’t be a Dick!

It’s a nifty way of self-policing our sport and loosely defining the murky edges of its ruleset.  Reffing is developing fast, but in a burgeoning international sport, it’s inevitably complicated.  Dick move is where we all come together.  (That sentence sounds disgusting, but I’m leaving it…)

Of course, some people don’t mind being a dick, and constantly hack mallets, play too hard for the situation, kick away dropped mallets and so on, but most people don’t.

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2 Responses to Dick Move

  1. I’ve also found that the communal shout of Dick Move is a good way of public shaming, which, in a game which is just figuring out it’s standards, proves to be a great way of setting the tone. I’m sure at some point they’ll be some rule book with little flags to throw (fifty years from now when we’re all ancient), but for now I like the heckle calls.

  2. danwentskiing says:

    Yeah – it’s funny how games ‘settle in’ to their own tone, even in short 10-minute tournament group stages. Sometimes you expect to be pummeled by a ‘dirty’ team, and go out all guns blazing and things just get worse and worse; sometimes you’re playing gentlemen (or women – actually, often women) and are almost shamed into playing with hardly any contact!

    Dick Move definitely helps.

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