Seeding Results

Results are in – thanks to everyone who voted. 

What’s really encouraging is that there are 13 people on the list, and only one or two of them aren’t regulars!  So, usernames as usual:

1. danwentskiing (162)

2. 4ndy (149)

3. Hyperallah (148)

4. Dan_LJ (142)

5. Malletesta (131)

6. LucasR (122)

7. Speedypete (101)

8. EMM (98)

9. Simple (96)

10. StuF (88)

11. 2Squeak (81)

12. Crankster (80)

13. Rob (66)

As I said at polo, don’t be disheartened if you weren’t as high as you hoped, as this list reflects turnout in addition to ability.  If you look at the lists I received, you’ll see a large consensus of opinion.

As we’ve had such a large increase in new players, a few people requested that we have a re-vote sooner than next winter.  We can discuss when to do this on the forum, but I think we’d need a majority of players to request it. 

So this is the list we can use to decide who goes to tournaments, and in which order.  We need to be aware of the need to make decisions quickly, so the opportunity to go to tournaments can be passed down the list. 

Here’s to another great year of polo!

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