Wednesday Night Polo

Wednesday night polo was fantastic until the lights went out.  See the short clip of the action from Wednesday – Here.

10 players came out in 3 degree weather for the love of the game.  Look forward to Sunday at Highgate Park.

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3 Responses to Wednesday Night Polo

  1. EoD says:

    Sick. More vids would be awesome.

  2. danwentskiing says:

    Yeah ‘sick’ as EoD would say. Gutted I was just max-ing out leaning on the goal while Fin was doing mad-skids. Good slam from Lucas mid-way through that clip though. He’s picked the game up so much quicker than everyone else. I was frankly annoyed with him constantly blocking me out all the time. Isn’t that ‘interference’ in ‘hockey’?

  3. Dan says:

    Dan_LJ’s goal was awesome, too.

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