… will someone else contribute to this ‘community’ blog?

I’m sure I’ve set the bar low enough with interminable ramblings about steering geometry, balls and my mallet, yet nobody has stepped up. Tsk. TSK I say.

I’m specifically directing my glares at Birmingham’s ‘fresh meat’ now, as the veterans are clearly not up to the task. Join wordpress, ask for permission to contribute, and you’re in.

Tell the world how you found bike polo and it changed your life…

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3 Responses to When-oh-when-oh-when-oh-when…

  1. Simps says:

    I can’t spell, offend too many and are no where near wordy enough to contribute. Plus you’re doing a fabulous job, keep up the good work!

    • danwentskiing says:

      Writing quality is less important than having different perspectives. As Birmingham’s only female player, you may be best placed to encourage more women to play.

      Just a few little posts about your (ongoing) search for a bike/making wheelcovers/mallets etc. It all helps…

  2. Dan says:

    6 people now listed as admins. Let the blogs roll in!

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