New breed

Only a few months ago, Birmingham polo was on its knees, with turnouts for regular games as low as three.  With a long dark winter ahead, things were looking bleak.  Not even the explosive introduction of this blog seemed to have any effect….

With the help of one Austrialian Thatcherite and his probably-cynical, but nonetheless positive Skyride, the seeds were sewn and a new wave broke forth.

birmingham bike polo

Peter lines one up (gratuitous swearing not captured)

Unlike previous upstarts they have enthusiastically taken to the DIY (emphasis on the Yourself) ethic to heart and have been showing up with mallets and wheelcovers (albeit finger-slicing aluminium).  They’ve even been on the lookout for courts. 

birmingham bike polo

Our very own American. No moaning about cheater mallets to report. Yet.

Despite the occasional spill, they’re all progressing quickly.  Last weekend we focussed on playing in teams and I reckon they’re getting into that aspect now.

birmingham bike polo

Ta da!

We’re set to lose one of them to the Neanderthal, non-polo-playing wasteland that is Liverpool in the coming weeks.  My only hope is that Coventry, Lichfield and wherever Lucas is from (Dudley?) don’t suddenly sprout their own polo scenes and lure them back. 

birmingham bike polo

Get it out!

With so many new players, now is the time to get off your pudgy arse and come out and give it a go.  Forget battering yourself doing intervals on a 50-mile regular loop; pocket the petrol money from the 3-hour drive to a decent trail centre; allow the canal fishermen their peace and quiet and come play polo instead!

birmingham bike polo

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3 Responses to New breed

  1. BrownHillsBob says:

    This isn’t real cycling, looks like a child’s game.

  2. Simps says:

    Hey Bob,
    Want to play a game? Kids are optional, I believe they’re all at church with the Catholic types being ‘educated’ on Sunday when I get to play, so you’ll have to make do with dicing with my wheels of Steel (and Aluminium) ;)

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