Winter, Floodlights and Jobsworths

Last year, when we started playing polo, we played at Calthorpe park because we knew no better. Then, we discovered the near-perfection that is Highgate park and played there instead. But as sure as autumn follows summer, the nights got longer and we had to revert to the former destination because it has floodlights.

Last winter, these stayed turned on until after 10pm, but this winter it seems someone forgot.  Before the clocks went back, they were turning off around 8pm. Then they changed to around 9pm. Week after week, we crossed our fingers that with the clocks due to go back, we’d soon be back to normal, 10pm….  In a fit of misplaced faith in the powers that be, I had a heated ‘discussion’ with the unsympathetic and unimaginative person whose job it may be to change the timers and they said they weren’t going to do anything about it, because ‘it’s for kids, you know’ and ‘bikes aren’t allowed’.  

It’s a sad indictment of the 1990s school system, but nobody in Birmingham bike polo had the arithmetical skills to notice that the clocks going back would make the problem worse, not better.  So here we are, stuck with them going off at 8pm again. My diplomatic skills have proved lacking, so (other) Dan has fired off an email to the council and we await response. 

In the meantime, Wednesday polo is under threat and problematic. We’ve been arriving in one-by-one, starting at 6.30, but there hasn’t been enough for a game until 7/7.30. Even my number-befuddling brain can see there’s a problem there.

Don’t let anyone tell you it’s all doom and gloom here at though; Sunday’s morning-polo was a great success and for the time-being seems set to fill the void (albeit on a different day). I’m not saying Wednesday polo isn’t happening, because that’s not my decision to make, but if you’re looking to come and play (especially if you’re coming a long way), Sunday is probably a safer bet. We already have 7 confirmed for next Sunday, 14th November!

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