New Flyer

birmingham bike polo flyer

Big love to Fin for getting these sorted.  This is Birmingham Polo Flyer 2.o – the first one we used had specific times and locations where we play and hence became obsolete at the end of the summer. 

I really like the hand-drawn main font and of course the fact it features yours-truly ploughing through the opposition, albeit in a position of no danger whatsoever. 

I don’t have an image for the flip-side, unfortunately; but expect to see these in real-life locations around Birmingham (and Coventry courtesy of Sarah, Simon and the other guy whose name I forgot [Andy?]) soon. 

If you think you can help out distributing some of these, please either send me a message through this blog, or get onto the forum:, and private message Fin AKA Hyperallah.  We have a limited amount at the moment, but hopefully we’ll be getting some more.

Feedback from polo last night is that the forum is a bit scary to the first-time user, so hopefully with this flyer and this blog as our first point of contact we can continue to grow Birmingham bike polo.

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