Bicycle Film Festival (Polo)


Starting tomorrow and ending on Sunday (13-17 October), at the Barbican in London.  See details here:

It’s up there on my list of awesome-things-I-fail-to-go-to.  I went when I was in Toronto a few years back but never seem to get it together to get off my ‘ass’ (Canadian for arse) and visit London. 

There’s also a one-day polo tournament, this Sunday (17th October) at London’s Newington Gardens (there would be a link here, but ctrl+c/v isn’t working and I don’t know any other way – do a Google search, ignoramus).  More details of that, here: (although I’d take that with a pinch of salt as it includes numbers and is therefore quite likely to have been typed incorrectly).

It’s a controversial oddity of a tournament, with several experimental elements.  These include rules barring ‘cheater’ mallets, and playing with anyone you’ve played alongside at a tournament.  Conversely, you’re allowed to score any way you like (ball-joints/lobs okay).  I fully support the willingness to try something new (short of actually playing myself, unfortunately) and look forward to obsessively trawling photos and forums for reports and photos. 

Get yourself down there – I’m sure it will be a good laugh.   

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  1. dan says:

    note to self – must use less parentheses…

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