European Champs 2009

Sincerest apologies to the literal tens of readers of this blog for the recent paucity of posts.  Here’s some photos from way-back-when, when Birmingham made it’s big splash at a polo tournament. 

Our last-minute raindance did the trick...

Note the massive gears and not-so-massive mallet heads.  It’s a shame we don’t have any video, because the photographs can’t capture our shaking hands. 

Goal ref's expression says it all.

We lost all of our games 5-0, besides one, which we lost 4-0.  We didn’t know it at the time, but we played some tough teams including Toros and BAD.  We crashed many times:

We had high hopes at the start of this game.  0-5!Crunch

And visibly exasperated our opponents:

It was a great and impressively-organised tournament, the first of many for Birmingham Polo.

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2 Responses to European Champs 2009

  1. Simple says:

    Looks like slidy scary fun!

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