My mallet

Bike polo mallet

Nope, nothing witty to write here.

My mallet conforms faithfully to the recently derided ‘European Cheater-Mallet’ variety.  Its main feature is a massive cutout on the front edge, which is great for trapping, controlling and occasionally lobbing the ball.  I’ve gone further in this iteration by dremmeling out the pole where the bolt goes through, in order to allow the ball to sit in there even more closely. 

Bike polo mallet

The shaft is an unpainted ski-pole, crucially made from 7075 aluminium, which seems to be far stronger than other types for this totally unintended use.  I’ve experimented with long and short shafts (wahey!) and this is as short as I’ve gone so far at 86cm.  Shortness seems to give better accuracy and control at the expense of the all-important ability to reach around (again, wahey!) the front wheel and play on your left-hand side. 

The white cap was welded on (or something) by Cambridge’s Harvey and adds impressive power to my shots.  So much so that I now enjoy blasting the ball around even with almost no chance of scoring.  It adds a bit of weight, but I’m getting used to that.  I’ve scooped out the non-capped end to help with ball-jointing, which seems to be getting less and less relevant, but can still be useful for long accurate passing, especially.

The grip is old inner-tube, which works great so long as you use gloves or don’t sweat, and I joined the shaft to the head with the head of a road brake caliper bolt, so that it doesn’t protrude from the outside.

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